Top Ten Reasons to Join Kiwanis Club of Almaden Valley!

10. Learn about your community (and beyond) through weekly speakers. Every week, Kiwanis clubs try to host an interesting and educating speaker at their meetings. Some of these speakers introduce you to elements of your community that you never knew existed!

9. Make new friends, and develop new relationships. Kiwanians are a very friendly bunch. (Obviously! Who else would join a volunteer group?)

8. Become a part of a global organization that does great things for those who need our help. Is the desire to make the world a better place burning in your heart? Then we've already got something in common! Join a group of like-minded altruists, and together we'll be the change we want to see in our community.

7. Do service with a team...not by yourself. No man is an island. Not the one who relies on a soup kitchen for dinner, not the child that needs a pair of shoes just to get to school, and not the volunteer looking for ways to make a difference.

6. Develop leadership skills that can aid you in your career and beyond. Kiwanis is not only a community-service club, it is also a leadership training camp. Kiwanis clubs, divisions, districts, and even at the international level all need leaders to shape the vision and direction of our efforts. Everyone is a leader, in some context, whether they realize it or not; helping to drive a Kiwanis committee will make you realize how to be a leader more effectively.

5. Visit Kiwanis clubs throughout the country and world. There is not one Kiwanis club to join. There are around eight thousand world-wide, each with their own fun-loving culture. Conventions at both the district and international level give everyone the opportunity to mingle with like-minded volunteers from a surprising number of places around the world.

4. Experience that wonderful feeling from helping others. A fringe benefit of helping others is that the process of making lives better for others makes our own better as well. Volunteering helps us feel, on an emotional and maybe even subconcious level, that we matter, that the world is a better place because we were here.

3. Be a part of a positive atmosphere no matter how negative things get around you day to day. Never underestimate the power of unpaid volunteers to remind you what's really important in life.

2. Share your life with other like-minded individuals in a supportive environment. Surround yourself with people you like, and you will never see any molehill as a mountain.

1. You can change the world one child and one community at a time. In the words of anthropologist Margaret Mead, "Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?

Believe it or not, Kiwanis membership applications are still done with 2nd-century technology: paper. Please come to a meeting to pick up the information packet that contains the application.  Or, contact us at 

If you are still looking for a club to join, there are several approaches you could take. First, the Kiwanis International website has a page for finding clubs near you. This is the best place to start because it not only will tell you exactly how far away each club meets, it also includes information on meetings dates and times.

The next best way to find a good club is to talk to Kiwanians who are active at the Division level, such as the Lieutenant Governor. Divisions consist of around 15 clubs, and Kiwanians active at the Division level can tell you the cultural differences between the local clubs. Finding a club with a compatible culture is essential to having a positive Kiwanis experience.


We have annual club dues to cover membership costs at the international, district, and division levels. As of this writing, the dues are $165/year, but that cost fluctuates whenever the external dues change. Not much of the annual dues goes to our local club -- many clubs have have fundraisers specifically so that being in Kiwanis is not a financial burden.